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Confronting Stereotypes Through Swim Lessons

Paulana Lamonier, founder of Black People Will Swim, joins us to discuss confronting stereotypes about Black people and swimming. 

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Teaching My Black Son To Swim

A mother’s determination to end a legacy of racial trauma started with mother-son swim lessons

Paulana Lamonier teaching black woman how to swim in pool


Black People Will Swim is 'smashing' racist stereotypes with swim lessons

Lamonier had been working as a swimming instructor for nine years in New York before she decided to launch her own company, Black People Will Swim (BPWS).


Where Are They Now?


Last year, Pine-Sol and ESSENCE awarded $250,000 to 10 Black women entrepreneurs through the Build Your Legacy Contest! Now we’re back for year two, and had to check in with our 2020 grand prize winners.


Complex’s B.O.S.S. Mentorship Program Lets Minority Entrepreneurs Shine

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, but when you’re a member of a minority group, the challenges of launching and maintaining a successful business are even greater. 

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Black People Will Swim’s Paulana Lamonier Is Breaking Barriers

Swim teacher and multimedia journalist, Paulana Lamonier, set up Black People Will Swim with one purpose: to eradicate the stereotype that Black people don’t swim. 

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Black People Will Swim’s Founder Paulana Lamonier Is Making Waves

64 percent of African American children have low or no swimming ability.It’s a statistic that Paulana Lamonier, CEO and founder of Black People Will Swim, is striving to change.

PIX11 news with Paulana Lamonier interview on air


Long Island woman's mission to teach 2,020 people to swim in 2020

Marysol Castro spoke with swim coach and founder of Black People Will Swim, Paulana Lamonier, about her mission and why it means so much to her.

Tea with Abbie and Paulana Lamonier

Tea With Abbie

Diving into Entrepreneurship with Paulana Lamonier, Founder of BPWS

Paulana is a multimedia journalist and founder of Black People Will Swim ~ a company on a mission to smash the stereotype that Black people don’t swim.

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This Founder is On a Mission to Teach 2,020 Black People How to Swim

We’ve all heard the saying “Black people don’t swim” before, but it’s worth noting that statement is far from the truth. For years, the well-known stereotype has perpetuated the racial...

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By Her Own Rules

Founder Committed to Helping 2,020 People Learn to Swim by 2020

Paulana Lamonier was certainly on to something when she launched her company Black People Will Swim in 2019.

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The Lifestyle NYC

Paulana Lamonier Discusses Swimming, Using Your Gifts

When it comes to Black women changing the game and making a difference, its Paulana Lamonier for me. For decades, the idea of Black people swimming has been quite taboo.

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'Black People Will Swim' Is Fighting A Racist Stereotype With Swim Lessons

Black People Will Swim aims to dismantle the long-standing myth that Black people can't swim using everything from private swim lessons to haircare classes for protecting Black hair in the water.


Black Enterprise 

This Program Is Encouraging Black People To Swim More This Summer

Black People Will Swim was started by journalist Paulana Lamonier with the mission to dismantle stereotypes around Black people swimming. 

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Yahoo Life! 

Paulana Lamonier - Black People Will Swim

Check out the video of ESSENCE and Pine-Sol's Build Your Legacy Contest Semi-Finalist, Paulana Lamonier of Black People Will Swim. Vote today!

Essence and Pinesol build your legacy BP

Pine-Sol & ESSENCE Team Up To Support Black Woman Entrepreneurs

Pine-Sol and ESSENCE partnered to celebrate and uplift black women in business with the “Build Your Legacy” contest

Adidas and ifundwomen grant recipient BP

Adidas and IFundWomen


Adidas and IFundwomen Partner To Support Women Entrepreneurs In Sports