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About BPWS

Black People Will Swim’s sole mission is plain and simple: it’s smashing the stereotype that Black people don’t swim. We want to teach 2,020 Black people and people of color how to swim by December 2020.


We aim to do this through a number of ways with our acronym F.A.C.E. encouraging our community to FACE their fears.

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Conquering your fears is hard enough. Why not do it while you’re having fun?

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Having a friend or a familiar face to share the experience will not only make it worthwhile, but a reminder that you don’t have to conquer your fears alone.

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Our history with water is a complicated one. We want to educate our community on where this fear of water comes from, why learning how to swim is important and how we can change our complex past into a bright future. 64% of Black children don’t know how to swim.

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As you’re taking the first step to learning a new skill, we want to equip you with the proper tools/equipment, and techniques. From hair care, bathsuits, swim trunks to goggles, we’re setting you up for success.

And while we are called Black People Will Swim, we don’t limit ourselves or our services to only Black People. Our door and services are open to everyone. 


Our end game is to make a difference! Join the movement. We’re #SwimmingInColor!

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Make the promise

Sometimes all you need to do is take the first step.

Make this promise to yourself and your family that you will learn how to swim.